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Your values are heavily influenced by your environment, whether it be your social circle, role models, or content consumed.

Would you like to continue corrupting your environment with mindless influences like TikTok, or instead consume more meaningful ideas to work towards your ideal self?

After absorbing the essence of countless resources (books, videos, podcasts, etc.), I write to share the culmination of ideas, mindsets, and experiences that have personally revolutionized my life.

In a world of mindless media consumption, I strive to:

  • create meaningful content to encourage self-actualization

  • discuss fundamental ideas and actions for learning and improvement

  • share my inner thoughts and vulnerable experiences to curate new insights

Topics can either be practical (productivity and learning) or abstract (psychology and philosophy), or some healthy mix in between :)

What's inside?

A weekly email sharing:

  • links to resonating content I consumed or curated throughout the week

  • new things (ideas, practices) I've genuinely found benefit from

  • recent personal experiences with takeaways

  • a question to spark self-reflection

And other things I think are worth sharing ;)

Who am I?

Howdy! I’m John Mavrick.

Simply put, I’m a curious and ambitious INFJ polymath that is obsessed with all things related to the self.

I’m obsessed with…

  • Self-discipline to focus on my core values

  • Self-learning (autodidactism) to explore my passions

  • Self-improvement to work towards my ideal self

  • Self-reflection to appreciate and understand my identity

  • Self-expression to practice authenticity and freedom

  • Self-actualization to focus on fulfilling my destiny in the world.

Now, why so much emphasis on the self?

I used to waste my life.

I used to spend every waking hour playing games, which totals over 15,000+ hours of time I vaguely remember.

On top of other unfulfilling activities like PMO and mindlessly scrolling, it becomes some nauseating amount of time I’ll never get back.

And for what? Self-indulgence? Yikes.

Life is short. Especially in the grand scheme of existence.

It will inevitably end, and the universe will continue.

Would I really want to spend such precious and limited time solely on myself, on memories and benefits that disintegrate along with my consciousness?

Instead, I adopted an altruistic mindset to contribute to something greater.

I want to help the lives of others and the world in ways that will long precede my physical existence on earth.

But to act as the rocket to help propel humanity to greater heights, I need to properly fuel and reinforce my foundation to prepare for the daunting trip ahead.

That’s where self-improvement comes into play.

If you want to embark on a similar journey towards self-actualization to do what matters most to you, consider subscribing to my newsletter.

Let’s become our best selves together ;)

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Newsletter moved to https://newsletter.johnmavrick.com/profile


Newsletter has been moved to https://newsletter.johnmavrick.com/profile Explore my digital galaxy https://notes.johnmavrick.com/ 🌌